Sydney’s Forensic Accountant Specialists

This specific area of accounting often requires a specialised and highly experienced professional, as their findings very may well be used in an impending court case. Our forensic accountants in North Sydney and the surrounds are sought out when a business is experiencing, or anticipating litigation or another form of dispute.

The term ‘forensic’ is used in the context of being ‘suitable for use in a court of law.’ So it is for this reason that a forensic accountant is expected to conduct all of their investigative and auditing processes to a flawlessly high standard. As they may be required to give expert advice at the eventual trial, they will need to have a precise understanding of all the financial processes and information involved in the particular dispute.

Financial forensics involves a unique type of accountant

Due to the serious nature of such disputes, the accountants involved will often have to rely on their investigative skills as well as their accounting and auditing knowledge. This is typically to uncover any inconsistencies in the financial records and to prove that what is being stated in the dispute is either true/untrue.

Assisting businesses in North Sydney and beyond, our accountant team is unsurpassed

Whatever form of litigation or internal dispute you find your business in, our forensics accounting team in Sydney will be able to offer our expertise and help evaluate your position.

  • Types of disputes we assist in:
    • shareholder/unit holder/ partner or Trustees ownership disputes
    • disputes with suppliers and contractors
    • disputes with customers


  • Types of assignments we undertake
    • Forensic investigation of misappropriation of funds
    • Fraud investigation
    • Litigation support
    • Expert witness reports
    • Loss of profits calculations for business interruptions
    • Calculation of damages due to breach of contract or defective work or services
    • Rebuttal expert witness reports
    • Asset verification and valuation re family disputes, liquidations and receiverships

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